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Hello and welcome to Indiekoreanfanfics!

This blog will feature/advertise fanfictions that are exceptional but don't get much attention. You'll also find writing tips, graphic/review shops, etc.

Let's be honest, there are millions of fics out there that are awesome, but because whatever reason, they don't get a lot of reads (or they're posted on LiveJournal which is a pain in the ass to navigate.) This is where we come in. We will try to find the hidden gems and showcase them properly on velvety cushions with golden embroidery.

So, if you'd like your fic to be featured or if you know a great fic, just let us know through the submit button!

-Admin N, Admin E & Admin L

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Tied and Tangled

Summary: Chanyeol and Suho are soul mates, tied by the red thread of fate. The only problem is that Chanyeol is a bumbling high schooler, and Suho is a thirty-one year-old accountant who doesn’t want anything to do with him. But people are tied together for a reason, and they’re both about to find out why.

Author: sky_sail

Rating: R, adult themes

note: story is ongoing

Come On Make Me Feel Alive

Summary: In which Kris just got dumped, Lu Han wants to party his way across the country, Yixing needs to understand the world, and Tao thinks his friends are all crazy. Oh, and they all go on a summer road trip in a brand new Porsche Cayenne .

author: Annie1017 and eexiee

Rating: PG13 (but there is a M rated chapter)

The Touchline

Summary: Luhan is afraid of heights, among other things.

author: curledupkitten

Rating: R (warnings: homophobia, hazing, mentions of past violence/bullying and past emotional abuse.)


There is a new artist in town— an American girl named Amy Lee, but she is known to the world as Ailee. Everybody in Korea calls her Lee Yejin, anyway.

She is rumoured to have a hundred paintings, and thousands upon thousands of photographs taken with a film camera.

Six rowdy boys, in particular, are curious about her secret workplace.

Author: selfie

Rating: R (Trigger Warnings: Sexual Assault; Violence)

Beguile - angst yongguk zelo bap banglo - main story image


Yongguk is in love. Junhong has no regard for his feelings.

"Junhong, where are you? It’s getting pretty late. Call me when you get home."

Author: himjongs

Rating: R

Part 1 | Part 2 

Here’s to a man and a woman who tried to beat all the uneven odds stacked against them in a world that frowned upon a love that should not have manifested. Here’s to him, a man in love with a woman everyone deems unworthy. Here’s to him, a man drowning in drunken misery and writes himself into a sobbing mess. Here’s to her, a woman who fell for his sappy words and loving embraces. Here’s to her, a woman who left without a trace and loved him from afar.

Here’s to the both of us. For believing that love would prevail no matter what.

Here’s to you. Here’s to me. Here’s to our love.

And so with pen and paper in hand, I bleed out these words I need to say. These words that may never reach your ears nor your eyes. With these inked words, I shall unlock a story that only you would know every word to.

Hello and welcome to our love story.

Authors: luv4yen & spilledink

Rating: PG-15


Junmyeon is okay with being used. He’s familiar with the pain of a broken heart and doesn’t mind enduring Jongin’s pain alongside his own. Because that’s what love is — never having to apologize; never having to say you’re sorry; never having to admit to your pain, even when it’s ripping you apart.

Author: immorte

Rating: PG-13

Wonderful & Beautiful

Blue Bird! AU. Kim Junmyeon is a specialist teacher that is sent to work with a class after bullying and social alienation drove their peer, Zhang Yixing, into an attempted suicide.

Author: uchouten

Rating: PG-13 (trigger warning self hate, bullying, and attempted suicide)

First Love, High School & Other Disasters

It is the arrival of three unconventional transfer students at SM High School, one of the most prestigious schools in the country, that sets off a series of events that completely changes the life of these twelve boys.

Author: Teatime Taemint

Rated: PG-13 (for right now since it’s still going on)

take it all away, for everyone

All good things were made to be destroyed. It is not fate, it is not destiny, but inevitability, and it is futile to run, as it is futile to embrace.

Author: exollent

Rating: R